Tests and stress don’t just rhyme, they typically go together and that isn’t so fun for anyone. If you or someone you know is getting stressed from school tests and exams, here are some tips and remedies to reduce on some of the stress everyone experiences.

Tips on Reducing Study Stress

  1. Get a decent amount of sleep: try to set a time that you start winding down to be able to fall asleep at a normal hour. (The best time to fall asleep for a restful night sleep is between 10pm-11:30pm) Optimal sleep hours are from 10pm-6am.
  2. Choose to study in a patterned study schedule. Block off one hour a day for studying with short breaks that do not consist of social media or technology (walk around the house, do some stretches, etc.)
  3. Eat healthy foods while studying. Don’t snack on junk food or it can cause a sugar crash.
  4. Exercise once a day. It can be something as simple as doing yoga or walking. Keeping active helps to reduce mental fatigue.
  5. If you don’t understand some of the study material ask a teacher or a professor for help or form a study group with the best students (friends aren’t always the best study partners and can distract you.)

Homeopathic Stress Help

Homeopathy has many remedies to assist is study stress and fatigue.

  • Picrid Acid: Brain Fag, indifference, taciturnity, unable to think or use one’s mind. Calms the headaches of children when beginning to study, or after examinations at school weak mentally and physically. troubles arise from loss of sleep and mental worry.
  • Argentum nit. – anxiety anticipating events, especially appearing before an audience. Helps with nervousness and craving of sweets.
  • Gelsemium – anticipatory anxiety. They may feel that they will forget everything during the test.
  • Lycopodium – nervous to speak in front of an audience but will be able to deliver. They lack courage and confidence. Bossy at home and nice to everyone else. 
  • Silica – nervous to speak in front of an audience and cannot go through with it. Difficulty in concentrating with a poor memory.  They fear failure.  They are diligent and detail oriented.
  • Nux vomica – Anxious, jittery and inclined to be contrary and argumentative.  Poor sleep. They like coffee and stimulants.

If you want more catered remedies for your specific needs give me a call.