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Homeopathy and Addictions

They say that life is each person’s potential for a fairytale. They are supposed to achieve their dreams and meet their one true love, settle down with a family (maybe), and then live happily ever after. However, addictions can cause a fractured fairytale and even turn one’s life into a nightmare.

As you know, I think that love is the best remedy for everything, but sometimes it needs a little help of homeopathy to get a fairytale back on track.

Here are some examples of remedies used for addictions:

Flourine: for gambling 

Arsenicum Album: side effects from the addictions of alcohol and tobacco

Caladium: modifies the cravings for tobacco

Lachesis: mean with drunkenness, or more likely to commit violent crimes when drunk

Nux Vomica: anti-alcohol remedy

Rhus Glabara: desire to smoke cannabis

Cocaine: antidotes the ill effects of cocaine

Possible remedies for video game addictions:

Iodum, Silicea: maybe the desire to engage in repetitive actions, or a feeling of power

Phosphorus: the need to make friends in a cyber universe 

Mercurous, Tuberculinum: the need to be constantly entertained from boredom

If you, or anyone you know, need a little help with the love of Homeopathy for their addictions I have good experience with treating addictions. Give me a call, or book an appointment online via my booking page.