Board Member, The Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association

Member,  The College of Homeopaths Of Ontario 

Member, Homeopaths Therapists Without Borders – Canada

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Do you remember the last time you felt carefree, unencumbered, and full of energy?  Homeopathy will help put you back on that track, whether you are suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

Homeopathy is all about you.

Your circumstances are uniquely yours and so your homeopathic treatment is custom-designed to your individual needs. This way you derive the greatest benefit.

Your sessions take place in a very comfortable, welcoming, and warm environment. You are encouraged to relax and take all the time you need to talk about your concerns and to tell your story in your own words, to reflect on the meaning of your feelings and experiences, in the context of your daily life.

Typically the first session is two hours in length, and repeat consultations are one hour.

I was asked what makes the experience of coming to see me different than going to anyone else. It’s a good question and to address it I had to look at the testimonials that people had graciously given for me:

The essential theme that stands out is that I listen to, and take care of my patients.

The experience that one can expect with me is that time stops for us as we delve into the medical and personal history which produced a timeline of presenting symptoms. Typically it is a learning session, with both of us understanding and connecting the symptom picture in such a way that breaks down complicated and seemingly separate circumstances into a manageable and holistic treatment.

Time is of no essence in the consulting room. 

One does not come here thinking that you will be in and out quickly; it does not happen and I do not book appointments that way. Phone calls are part of the practice and are not considered consultations to be paid for.

Homeopathic Dispensary

I have a small dispensary for convenience, not obligatory in any way so that you get exactly what is prescribed and not have to search for it. You will know how to take what is prescribed, and most likely will take your first dose here so that you are comfortable with the new regime and what you should feel when you take your prescription. In this way, you will feel supported and comfortable in what you are doing and how you are doing it.

A little about me

I was a homeopathic patient long before I became a homeopath. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, artist, lover of animals and plants. I organize and facilitate continuing homeopathic education. I mentor homeopaths. I have volunteered and assumed managing positions for many years in community theatre, women’s organizations, chaplaincy, and community organizations and associations. I played the flute and was in a band for 10 years and then a flute choir for 2, and sang 2nd alto in my synagogue choir.  I have been told that I am a bit of a “Renaissance Woman” – isn’t that a cool compliment? Most importantly, I hope that my vast life experiences and desire to help and be uplifting, will influence the homeopathic consultive process and be of benefit to you.

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