Canada’s National Physician’s Day in tribute to a Homeopath, Dr. Emily Stowe.

Dr. Emily Stowe

Canada celebrates National Physicians Day on May 1st.  The Canadian Medical Association chose to celebrate this day annually in recognition of the work of physicians and physicians-in-training across Canada.  The Canadian Medical Association chose May 1st to pay tribute to “one of the most influential individuals in Canadian medical history”, Dr. Emily Stowe, her birthdate being May 1st. (1831- 1903)

What I find interesting in much of the published material is that there is a glaring omission to the fact that Emily Stowe was a Homeopath. I have to point that out right away because it’s, well, glaringly missing.

Emily Stowe was a Homeopath, a teacher, school principal, and a suffragist. She was the first female principal of a public school in Ontario. She was a founder of the Canadian Women’s Suffrage Association. She was a founder of Woman’s Medical College, which later became Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.  She was the first female medical practitioner in Canada and the second female doctor in Canada.  Remarkable achievements for a woman at a time where they were not allowed into medical schools in Canada and were not allowed to vote, etc.,etc.

Emily Stowe’s mother taught her herbal healing. Family friend, Dr. Joseph J. Lancaster was a homeopath and Stowe apprenticed with him during her teens and young adulthood.  She studied at the New York Medical College for Women which taught homeopathy.  After graduating in New York Stowe came back to Ontario. She was the first female physician in Canada because she did not have a licence to practice medicine so she practiced homeopathy.  Stowe was forced to get further training as a foreign doctor and attended the Toronto School of Medicine in order to get her Canadian licence to practice medicine. She did not get a licence to practice because of the harassment from faculty and students that her, together with her only other female fellow student, Jenny Kidd Trout, experienced in the Toronto School of Medicine and Stowe refused to write the exams. She practiced homeopathic medicine for over a decade without a medical licence.  Eventually Stowe was awarded the licence to practice.  That is how Emily Stowe became the second female doctor in Canada.

Dr. Emily Stowe was inspirational in her fortitude, her accomplishments against all odds, and her championship of just causes.  And she was a HOMEOPATH.

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Get in shape for the Coronavirus

Are you afraid of the coronavirus? Let me simply, and in short time, help you sort through understanding, preventing, and treating yourself for the flu epidemic going around now, as well as  the coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a family of virus which includes the common cold, and viruses such as SARS and MERS. It is a new virus.

The coronavirus is a virus so antibiotics will not work.

People with compromised immune systems, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, etc. are most vulnerable and at higher risk.

I know that you are all pretty savvy so I just want to give you some tips outside of the conventional ones that you know:

  • MOISTEN: Put a little lotion, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. in your nostrils to keep the nostril hairs moist.  The hairs in your nose help prevent viruses and bacteria from getting in.  Between October to May is when most people get sick because we are living with heating which is drying.  Keeping our nostrils moist helps the hairs function. Drink a little water very often to keep your throat moist.
  • SICK? The first inkling that you don’t feel well STAY HOME, lie in bed, start treating yourself, and rest.  Don’t hesitate. Watch a movie, read a book, phone people you love and haven’t spoken to because you’re always too busy. I had to include this tip because I’m alway surprised at how many people just don’t know this.
  • SMOKERS: People who smoke have a more exaggerated response to viruses, including the flu. Flu virus symptoms that are often mild in those who do not smoke could have a severe effect on people who do. (For example, smokers are more likely to die than non-smokers during flu epidemics.      


Vitamin C

There is evidence that some people are always in very good health, including freedom from the common cold, year after year, through the ingestion of only 250 mg of ascorbic acid per day. For good health many people 1000 mg to 2000 mg per day.

It is wise to carry some 500-mg tablets of ascorbic acid with you at all times. At the first sign that a cold is developing, the first feeling of scratchiness of the throat, or presence of mucus in the nose, or muscle pain or general malaise, take one or two 500-mg tablets. Continue the treatment for several hours by taking an additional tablet or two tablets per hour.


Echinacea Homeopathic Mother Tincture 

Take recommended doses on a daily basis.

Rosa Canina and Ribes Nigrum Gemmotherapy

Take recommended doses on a daily basis.  I recommend these remedies for children who are sick all the time because they are in day care or in elementary schools.

Aconite 30ch

At the first sign that you are getting sick take a dose of aconite. Continue to take a dose every hour for the next 6 hours.

Ferrum phosphoricum 6x

At the first sign of getting sick take a dose of Ferrum phos.  Continue to take a dose every hour for the next 6 hours.

Arsenicum album 30ch

At the first sign of a runny nose and tickle or scratch in the throat take 3- 5 doses a day for a couple of days.

Homeopathic Cold and Flu remedies on the shelf are also great for helping you get through faster and prevent the 1 to 3 week lingering sickness.

Holiday Greetings

Warm greetings to patients, colleagues and friends.

It is my privilege to wish you happy healthy holidays and a happy New Year 2020. May every one of your wishes comes true on a personal and a professional level.

As of January 1st HST will be added to your invoices.

There is proven success in using dilutions in Homeopathy reflected in the study linked below. It will explain some of the reasons I dispense the remedies in liquid form.

An excerpt from my soon to be published booklet explains;
Homeopathy is the ONLY form of true holistic therapy because the highly diluted medicines are able to cross the blood brain barrier and cause changes, not only on

the physical level, but on the emotional, mental and spiritual level at the same time.”

Homeopathy Inspires

Handmade bag by patient

This is a handmade bag that a patient made as a carrying satchel for her remedies. Yet another time I am charmed by the care that one of my patients puts towards their homeopathic journey for health. 

Homeopathy inspire us in ways you cannot imagine. Homeopathy inspires love and respect towards one’s journey to health. So here’s to your health!

Art Making and Homeopathy

I am in the ceramic studio and look what I found: Magnesium Carb in a big tub.

For clay decoration Mag carb is used for matte glazes and to produce an opaque, white glaze. It is also used as a glaze surface texture for dramatic visual effects.

In homeopathy, people who need Mag carb will deny anxiety, or tension, but display many physical symptoms. It is also a good remedy for those who experience feelings of neglect, such as orphans, and children with Marasmus, where feeding and medicine doesn’t help them to thrive. Another keynote is that people who need this remedy wake up unrefreshed from sleep.

All substances on earth can be used, whether to make beautiful art, treat an ill patient, or do many other things, and that is something truly amazing.

Extraordinary care begins here

Isn’t this lovely! She brings her remedies in a silk bag to the office as if they are treasures she is discount pharmacy keeping safe. That is the value she places towards her homeopathic treatments that I prescribe for her.

City Living with Nature

I want to share the great outdoor adventures you can have in our city and hope you, too, take advantage of treks in beautiful and natural surroundings.

I went for my first walk of the season through Earl Bales Park yesterday.   As much as possible it’s good to be outside in good Toronto weather. I try to forgo the elliptical exercise machine inside the gym for a walk outside with my gym pals. We are lucky to have the earl bales trail system across the street.

There are many studies that have proven the significant health benefits of spending time outside in nature. It reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of type II diabetes, increases sleep duration, and most importantly reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

My excuse for being the park’s community of mosquitoes breakfast was that I forgot from last year to this that they actually exist.  Dare I say that it’s too bad that the bees are dying off instead of the mosquitoes?  Wait. Am I being politically correct?

Well, you know I got really badly bitten because I forgot to wear protection.  When I came back into the office there was my protection…

  To hear more about the types of remedies to prevent and treat bug bites, refer to this article I wrote called June Bugs, Bites and Burns


Homeopathy VS Pesticides

Animals love to play outside and run around with the children in parks, front lawns and backyards. The scary thing is what may be sprayed on the lawn, and your gardens, may not be so great for our pets, or even for ourselves yikes!!

Pesticides that are commonly used for lawn care have been under study to see if there is a correlation between lawn care products and cancer in people and their pets. There is enough evidence to worry, so here are some homeopathic solutions to keep your garden beautiful.

Remedies for your Home and Garden

Helix Tosta is for repelling snails, slugs, and slimy moulds.

Chamomilla tincture is for plants that have been overdosed with pesticides. Debility is marked. The plant is hot and thirsty.  The roots may be mouldy.

Calendula tincture is for roots that have been ripped or cut during transplants. Calendula restores vitality to injured parts.  After a cutting is made it is advisable to dip it in a calendula solution to help healing.  Good for transplants, pruning, storm or mechanical damage.

Carbo vegetalis is a near dead plant rescuer. Plants looked wasted and wilted.  Has nearly lost all leaves, dying from lack or excess of water.

Magnesium carbonicum is for plants that are wilting from temperature shock, frost shock.

Ruta can be sprayed on animals and around the house to ward off fleas.

There are many more homeopathic solutions for your outdoor living. I just really wanted to get your attention and, maybe, perk your interest in using natural products that aren’t carcinogenic.

Have a look at my summer adventure in organic gardening here


Stressful Studies: Homeopathy and Exam/Test Stress

Tests and stress don’t just rhyme, they typically go together and that isn’t so fun for anyone. If you or someone you know is getting stressed from school tests and exams, here are some tips and remedies to reduce on some of the stress everyone experiences.

Tips on Reducing Study Stress

  1. Get a decent amount of sleep: try to set a time that you start winding down to be able to fall asleep at a normal hour. (The best time to fall asleep for a restful night sleep is between 10pm-11:30pm) Optimal sleep hours are from 10pm-6am.
  2. Choose to study in a patterned study schedule. Block off one hour a day for studying with short breaks that do not consist of social media or technology (walk around the house, do some stretches, etc.)
  3. Eat healthy foods while studying. Don’t snack on junk food or it can cause a sugar crash.
  4. Exercise once a day. It can be something as simple as doing yoga or walking. Keeping active helps to reduce mental fatigue.
  5. If you don’t understand some of the study material ask a teacher or a professor for help or form a study group with the best students (friends aren’t always the best study partners and can distract you.)

Homeopathic Stress Help

Homeopathy has many remedies to assist is study stress and fatigue.

  • Picrid Acid: Brain Fag, indifference, taciturnity, unable to think or use one’s mind. Calms the headaches of children when beginning to study, or after examinations at school weak mentally and physically. troubles arise from loss of sleep and mental worry.
  • Argentum nit. – anxiety anticipating events, especially appearing before an audience. Helps with nervousness and craving of sweets.
  • Gelsemium – anticipatory anxiety. They may feel that they will forget everything during the test.
  • Lycopodium – nervous to speak in front of an audience but will be able to deliver. They lack courage and confidence. Bossy at home and nice to everyone else. 
  • Silica – nervous to speak in front of an audience and cannot go through with it. Difficulty in concentrating with a poor memory.  They fear failure.  They are diligent and detail oriented.
  • Nux vomica – Anxious, jittery and inclined to be contrary and argumentative.  Poor sleep. They like coffee and stimulants.

If you want more catered remedies for your specific needs give me a call. 

Homeopathy and Addictions

They say that life is each person’s potential for a fairytale. They are supposed to achieve their dreams and meet their one true love, settle down with a family (maybe), and then live happily ever after. However, addictions can cause a fractured fairytale and even turn one’s life into a nightmare.

As you know, I think that love is the best remedy for everything, but sometimes it needs a little help of homeopathy to get a fairytale back on track.

Here are some examples of remedies used for addictions:

Flourine: for gambling 

Arsenicum Album: side effects from the addictions of alcohol and tobacco

Caladium: modifies the cravings for tobacco

Lachesis: mean with drunkenness, or more likely to commit violent crimes when drunk

Nux Vomica: anti-alcohol remedy

Rhus Glabara: desire to smoke cannabis

Cocaine: antidotes the ill effects of cocaine

Possible remedies for video game addictions:

Iodum, Silicea: maybe the desire to engage in repetitive actions, or a feeling of power

Phosphorus: the need to make friends in a cyber universe 

Mercurous, Tuberculinum: the need to be constantly entertained from boredom

If you, or anyone you know, need a little help with the love of Homeopathy for their addictions I have good experience with treating addictions. Give me a call, or book an appointment online via my booking page.

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