I want to share the great outdoor adventures you can have in our city and hope you, too, take advantage of treks in beautiful and natural surroundings.

I went for my first walk of the season through Earl Bales Park yesterday.   As much as possible it’s good to be outside in good Toronto weather. I try to forgo the elliptical exercise machine inside the gym for a walk outside with my gym pals. We are lucky to have the earl bales trail system across the street.

There are many studies that have proven the significant health benefits of spending time outside in nature. It reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of type II diabetes, increases sleep duration, and most importantly reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

My excuse for being the park’s community of mosquitoes breakfast was that I forgot from last year to this that they actually exist.  Dare I say that it’s too bad that the bees are dying off instead of the mosquitoes?  Wait. Am I being politically correct?

Well, you know I got really badly bitten because I forgot to wear protection.  When I came back into the office there was my protection…

  To hear more about the types of remedies to prevent and treat bug bites, refer to this article I wrote called June Bugs, Bites and Burns