Animals love to play outside and run around with the children in parks, front lawns and backyards. The scary thing is what may be sprayed on the lawn, and your gardens, may not be so great for our pets, or even for ourselves yikes!!

Pesticides that are commonly used for lawn care have been under study to see if there is a correlation between lawn care products and cancer in people and their pets. There is enough evidence to worry, so here are some homeopathic solutions to keep your garden beautiful.

Remedies for your Home and Garden

Helix Tosta is for repelling snails, slugs, and slimy moulds.

Chamomilla tincture is for plants that have been overdosed with pesticides. Debility is marked. The plant is hot and thirsty.  The roots may be mouldy.

Calendula tincture is for roots that have been ripped or cut during transplants. Calendula restores vitality to injured parts.  After a cutting is made it is advisable to dip it in a calendula solution to help healing.  Good for transplants, pruning, storm or mechanical damage.

Carbo vegetalis is a near dead plant rescuer. Plants looked wasted and wilted.  Has nearly lost all leaves, dying from lack or excess of water.

Magnesium carbonicum is for plants that are wilting from temperature shock, frost shock.

Ruta can be sprayed on animals and around the house to ward off fleas.

There are many more homeopathic solutions for your outdoor living. I just really wanted to get your attention and, maybe, perk your interest in using natural products that aren’t carcinogenic.

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