The travel bug has begun! People are itching to get away and are sick of seeing their house’s four walls, or their office stalls. If this describes you then that must mean a travel vacation is in the plan. If you are traveling, here are some homeopathic remedies to help you during your trip.

Do you have fear of flying?

If you are fidgety and apprehensive before travel, with restlessness, claustrophobia (and probably a fear of heights). Take Argentum nitricum 30ch

Do you panic with fear of flying, or have a fear of accidents?  Take Aconite 30ch

Do you quietly experience anxiety before travel with weakness, trembling and potential diarrhea? Take Gelsemium 30ch

Do you want to get over your jet lag quicker, possibly avoiding it altogether?

If you have insomnia despite fatigue, and a little disorientation, take Cocculus 30ch.

If you feel achy, take Arnica 30ch

If you feel tired and irritable, and maybe a little headachy, take Nux vomica 30ch

Did you drink that water or eat that food and now have traveler’s diarrhea? 

If you are exhausted and start to have diarrhea a bit of restlessness and possible vomiting, take Arsenicum album 30ch

if you start to start to have explosive, smelly, stools with lots of gurgling, take Podophyllum 30ch.

If you are worried about bites and burns on your trip, take a look at my previous article here.

Wishing you happy and healthy travels.