Summer is finally here (sometimes) which means it is the time for bugs and their bites and the sun with its heat and burns. We love the summer, but it doesn’t always love us.

Bug Stings and Bites

Summer is the time for all living things to thrive and get moving. Mosquitos travel from tent to tent. Bees and wasps travel from house to house, Black flies nip the ankles (and anywhere else they can find) and red ants invade picnics and take little bites of food and you.  When being bugged by all these unwanted visitors, homeopathy helps with the stinging pain bugs and insects can bring.

Boiron’s Dapis Gel is Paraben Free and relieves the itching, hives, and swelling you can get from these pests.

Essencia’s Citronella is an essential oil spray used to repel these pesky critters to prevent the first nibble and sting of defeat.

I have created a complex for mosquitoes and black flies for those friends who are running to get out of the city early to enjoy cottage life.


The sun shines (sometimes) and when it does it gets hot. People want to laze around and soak up some friendly rays, but not all rays are friendly. Sometimes they dry you up and make you burn. To avoid blistering, and peeling there are 3 great remedies that I use; Calendula, Hypericum, and Cantharis. I make them into topical solutions that are applied to the skin to relieve and heal.

The best thing about homeopathy is that it can be custom-made for you. It’s safe for people of all ages, especially babies, and children.

Heat exhaustion

When we enjoy the sun too much it makes us a little..sick. With heat exhaustion, we are overcome by tiredness, and congestion in the head, and our body is very hot, like burning hot but we have these shuddering chills at the same time. Gelsemium comes to the rescue quickly. Gelsemium is characterized by dizziness, drowsiness, and dullness.  (It is also an excellent flu remedy for these same symptoms.)