Real Pets Eat Real Food!
Thursday, April 5, 2007

by Marilyn Freedman

Revisiting Real Food

A couple of years ago someone I knew was giving away a litter of kittens her cat had given birth to 8 weeks before. She was concerned about her cat’s deteriorating state of health, and so, being my nature, I jumped in to help momma cat back to health. Momma cat was lethargic. Her eyes, and her coat, were dull. She was lacking nutritionally and the litter had taken a toll on her vital energy. Momma, like so many other cats, was eating commercial cat food. Although Momma’s Momma resisted the idea at first, she did start feeding her real food slowly. A few weeks later Momma started to perk up and the health benefits were beginning to show. Her coat started to thin out and shine with natural oils, the sparkle came back in her eyes, and she was so much more energetic. I spent some time writing an article for this woman to give to the new adoptive parents of Momma’s brood. This article addressed the logic of feeding pets real food, rather than commercially processed food. I’m all for real food – real, raw, food.

Everyone in my house eats real food, including Hershey, our standard chocolate poodle, and Baby, our silver tabby cat. There are some differences. The people eat more cooked food than the pets. The pets eat mostly raw food. Hershey eats everything. Baby is strictly a carnivore, except that she loves salty potato chips. Hershey is 13 years old and Baby is about 11 years old. People always comment on how thin and young Hershey looks, and on Baby’s beautiful, shiny coat. Neither one looks their age. They get more compliments than I do. Visitors in my home, who normally are allergic to cats, don’t have a problem staying for awhile. Recently I was consulted by a young family member whose cat was a source of discomfort in his home, to the point where the cat was relegated to the basement bedroom behind closed doors. Unfortunately, his Dad was having problems breathing; his allergies were so bad. The advice I gave was simple – real, raw, food with raw bones, no more vaccinations, and no flea or heartworm medication. For more of an explanation you can read the article on this website “Healthy Pets”. A couple of months later the young man’s mother called to say thank you. It seems that her husband’s allergies have mostly subsided. An interesting twist – the family keeps kosher. Now that the cat eats real food it has solved a big problem because the cat’s food is now also kosher since the cat eats the same food as the people in the house. How cool is that?!

Feeding your pets real, raw food will keep them healthy and cut down on vet bills. Instead of throwing out leftovers, or feeding the recycling bin, feed your pets. They’ll live long, healthy lives.

For more information you can read my article, Healthy Pets.pdf

For more information on holistic and natural pet care you can watch this fabulous video on “Animal Health” It is on a website called “Dr.DoMore for animal healing. “Integrative and alternative veterinary practitioners come together in an 18 minute documentary about the need for quality veterinary health care. This film was distilled from 150 hours of interviews from around the world and in the United States. This preview is the launching pad for a series of educational documentaries to cover topics such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbs, vaccinations, raw diet nutrition, cancer, physical therapy, energy medicine of different forms and other holistic health issues.”