A Walking Meditation



When the weather is nice enough I prefer to do my cardio outdoors.  This gets me outside for some  vitamin D, a bit of colour, and very much needed fresh air. My iPhone is my constant companion, although its role has changed this year.  I used to listen to spiritual music, or homeopathic podcasts.  Now I found the audio noise too distracting.  Something has changed for me and it is a passage. I’ve gone from being busy while I walk to mindfulness in my walk. I am walking in meditation.  It’s a whole other feel.  Here is a short video while I’m walking:

Walking Meditation


Do you feel pulled in by the rhythmic sound of my footsteps?  Do you hear the quiet?

Great isn’t it?

I told you that my companion’s role has changed.  It has gone from entertaining me to helping me in my quest for health: I check my heart rate on the iPhone’s stop watch before I begin, while I am walking, and again at the end. I time the walk.  I check how many steps I have gone on the health app.  I am contemplating one of those fitness monitors.  Do you know of a good one?  Drop me a line.