Flu Season

The Weather Is Changing To Flu Season and What’s Down Has To Come Up – According to Friends

It looks like winter is really finally here and that means cold and flu season!

Below is a chart to help you differentiate between a cold and a flu. The rule of thumb is that if you are suffering a cold you can still participate in your normal routine, however, if you have the flu you should stay in bed. The good news is that people who have been treated homeopathically don’t get as many colds, or suffer the flu like the rest of the “allopathic” population. In fact, if you are taking a homeopathic remedy for your cold, or flu, you will bounce back within a comparatively short time.

Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathy will not suppress your symptoms, but gently help you heal quickly. Best of all, we all know that homeopathic medicines have no side effects! That means no drowsiness, or stomach upsets.

Changes in the Practice:

In order for you to be best served it is important to actually be SEEN. Homeopaths are trained to visually assess a patient’s physical symptoms; skin colour being flushed or pallor, physical and mental energy, congestive quality of discharges, sensitivities, modalities, etc. Many times it is the remedy that is given in the acute stage which can determine the remedy given in the chronic state. Although it may not be easy to come in to the office when you, or your child, are not well, it becomes pure guess work trying to put together a symptom picture over the telephone. Without a complete picture the remedy suggested over the phone may not cover the full sickness picture. Colds and flu that are not properly attended to may develop into bronchitis, or pneumonia; earaches into infections. Experience in the clinic shows that the very best treatment is when you can see, hear, and touch.

An old folks remedy now back in favour with the establishment: Chicken Soup, the “Jewish penicillin”. A scientific study was conducted to test the efficacy of chicken soup and the results proved positive. However, there are still some skeptics who think that it’s just an old wives’ tale that chicken soup could really be good medicine. They’ve probably been retained by the pharmaceutical companies. Read the CBC article. Read the published study. Read about the most effective soups. Here is an interesting observation about birds, homeopathically, I mean: Oscillococcinum, and Homeocoksinum, homeopathic flu remedies, are actually Anas Barbariae, made from the heart and liver of a duck.

Great News! It looks as if Homeopaths and Naturopaths are going to become regulated in Ontario, under one college. The Act provides for public protection and patient safety.

If you would like to read more about the proposed regulation a copy of the bill, The Naturopathy and Homeopathy Act 2006, is posted on my website, on the Healthy News page. www.torontohomeopath.ca

The prospect of regulation has brought about some changes in personal practice. Having provided treatments at, what is a very affordable rate, fees remain far below what my fellow homeopaths charge. Colleagues have urged me to reflect the difficult task of homeopathic prescribing, which requires concentrated hours of study after, and in between, patient consultations, in my fee structure.

This change will be more in keeping with current practice trends, although still remaining affordable at the lower end of the scale, thus reflecting personal social ethics.

Telephone calls remain complimentary to the service. The quiet pace in the clinic remains the same, as does the attention on you.

A schedule of fees will be sent out individually. The new schedule takes effect March 1st, 2007. If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to call.

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