Natural Treatment For Pets
Saving the kittens’ eyes

by Marilyn Freedman, Homeopath
October 15th,2011


I was looking to rescue a cat and in searching over the internet I came across a plea for fundraising from one of the cat rescues for two kittens. The kittens were born with herpes. They both had ulcerated corneas, and the one, Holly, had Iris Bombe which is when there is a fluid buildup in the eye and the eye pops through a hole in the cornea. The cat rescue was looking to fundraise because the veterinarians had recommended surgery to remove the affected eyes.

I called the Rescuer and asked her if she would consider treating the kittens homoeopathically until she raised enough money to see if it was possible to save the eyes.

This is a picture of Holly before she was treated with homeopathy. I was in touch with the Rescuer a few times over the period of about 3 months. The second picture was taken at that time. The veterinarian was very pleased. Holly wasn’t going to have her eyes removed. Happy ending…..