A louse holding on to a human hair.

Alternative Treatment for Head Lice

Oil and Vinegar Treatment

Ingredients, equal amounts:

Mineral Oil


Massage combination of oil and vinegar into hair. Cover with a shower cap. Wait one hour. Remove nits with a vinegar

soaked comb. Wash with regular shampoo.

Essential Oil Treatment

Rosemary 20 drops

Geranium 10 drops

Lavender 20 drops

Eucalyptus 10 drops

Tea Tree 20 drops

Mix the ingredients into 1/2 cup of olive oil and keep it in a dark glass jar.

Rub the blend into the scalp and leave overnight with a towel wrapped around the head. Wash out in the morning.

Repeat one week later. Add a small amount of this mixture to your shampoo each time you wash your hair until the infestation is over.

In addition to these natural treatments you will still need to purchase a lice comb from the pharmacy to get rid of the lice and nits. For instructions on how to use a lice comb, click here.