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I have recently come across some interesting information about two popular and natural products that are used to help ease the symptoms of colds. The products are oregano oil and Cold-FX.

The manufacturer has indicated as part of their product labeling that use by people with auto-immune diseases is contra-indicated. This reason I bring this to your attention is to reinforce the notion that irrespective of who prescribes a particular product for use it is imperative that you always read the labels.

Oregano Oil
According to sources that are typically credible use of oregano oil during pregnancy and breast feeding is contra-indicated. This exclusion appears on a variety of websites, however I have not done an exhaustive review of the literature. One of the websites that has lots of information on complimentary and alternative medicines is

Perhaps An Alternative
Unlike the above, Homeopathic medicines do not suffer contra-indications. The same formula is used by adults and children with a reduction of the size of dose depending on age and size of the child.

There are flu and cough/ cold homeopathic formulas made by the homeopathic pharmacuetical companies, Homeocan and Boiron, available at most health food stores, Fortinos, Loblaws, and the Shoppers Drug Mart on Avenue Road north.

Regulation Update
The foundation for the re-regulation of Homeopathy is set in place with the Royal Ascent of Bill 171. The government is currently assembling a board in order to create a college.

It is interesting to note that homeopathy was a regulated practice and had seats on the board of the Royal Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons up until 1970. It would appear that the re-regulation of Homeopathy is the Province looking back to the future.
Homeopathic medications are regulated in Canada by Health Canada.

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