I got an email from my colleagues the other day asking for immediate action to comment on an article in the CBC news.  So I did.  I then found out that the Globe and Mail also had an article about the same thing – nosodes.  The Globe asked the homeopathic pharmacies to comment in the midst of writing the article.  They declined.

Rightly so.  To engage with  “skeptics”  is like talking to the wall, talking to the hand. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you provide their minds are closed.

The onus is on homeopaths, homeopathic patients, and people who are open to all healing modalities, or how about this – open to freedom of choice –  to make sure that the one sided, vocal critics of anything other than conventional medicine are not the only ones heard.

Homeopathic nosodes are the same diseased materials that you will find in allopathic (conventional) vaccinations: measles, small pox, chicken pox, etc.  However, homeopathic nosodes are diluted and there are no preservatives, or heavy metals, such as those found in vaccinations made by drug companies.  This makes homeopathic nosodes safe and gentle, without any side effects,  oh, and by the way, inexpensive.

What is so ridiculous about the attack against homeopathic nosodes is that there is much historical recorded evidence that homeopathic nosodes have helped prevent people from getting sick in epidemics, as well as helping people recover from sickness in epidemics.  I want to point out something important here:  homeopathic medical treatment in epidemics saved significantly more lives than those treated with allopathic (conventional) medicine.  Statistics are available in the articles linked below.

I have blogged about the use of homeopathy in preventing epidemics by the governments of India and Cuba in the last few years, and the treatment of the swine flu in Mexico by homepathic medicine.   The links to these articles are below.

The constant media pressure to attack homeopathy is not about health issues but really about money.  There is no money for drug companies in preventative medicine.  There is no money for drug companies in curative medicine.  Much of what transpires in my office is about preventive medicine, functional medicine, curative medicine, mental, physical, and spiritual health. I believe that it is important for us to speak out and stand up to expose those who try to close the doors on our freedom to choose our health care.  Those who attempt to dominate, rule, overpower, and force or limit freedoms have no conscience about using corruption, bribery and other tools of war.  Yes, this is a war- against our freedom to choose:  health care and natural foods.

These skeptics are suing Boiron Homeopathic Laboratory for claiming that Oscillococcinum is a flu remedy, and Shopper’s Drug Mart for carrying homeopathic medicine.  They are suing them both for $30 Million.  They are also petitioning Health Canada to not allow any homeopathic nosodes to be prescribed. There is constant pressure being applied by these groups.  As I have said before – where do these skeptics get the money to allow them the time and effort to constantly stay their course?.

We must not be silent in the face of any kind of attack on our freedoms.

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