Treating a cough with homeopathy.



Had a young child in the office yesterday. He presented with only a cough for the last 6 or 7 days. His mother tells me that the Doctor said it’s a nervous cough. I treated him with a homeopathic remedy that showed it’s efficacy before he left. Guess what? I woke up sick this morning. This always happens to me when I have a sick kid in my office. I get sick, bingo! Just like that! Well, Doctor…….that’s no nervous cough.

What it means when I say that, “a remedy that showed it’s efficacy before he left”: With acute treatments, such as coughs, colds, flu, traumas like accidents, sprains, broken bones and things like that, I have the patient take the remedy in office and wait for a moment, or two, to see if the remedy is working.  Love homeopathy.  Homeopathy rocks.