“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Monday, June 8, 2009

by Marilyn Freedman

I want to share this story with you. Many people are not aware that food is medicine. Medicine can be poison. And, all things in excess are not healthy for you.

A 73 year old woman was referred to me by her son, who found me over the internet. She called to ask me about treatment for a skin allergy, big dry flaky patches on her face, which she described as scabs. She had been prescribed cortisone cream which helped, but if she stopped using it, it would come back. Her doctor also suggested baby oil which did not help. She told me that she thought maybe it was caused by brown sugar so she cut it out of her diet. That didn’t help either. To cut to the chase, as I do with people who call and do not know what it is that I do, I explained that she could treat the allergy with a band-aid solution or holistically. A band-aid solution would be like the cortisone cream, without the severe side effects of cortisone, the allergy would keep coming back. Holistic treatment means looking at everything else that is going on to see if there was a deeper root cause. I asked if she was healthy, or was there anything else going on? She told me that the doctor said her blood pressure was a little high, but that she didn’t need treatment for it. She wasn’t on any medication at all. She had heard that cinnamon would keep her blood pressure in check and has it everyday with her oatmeal. You may not realize it but it is unusual for someone in this age group not to be on any medication, so after I knocked on my real wood desk, I asked the next question: How long had she been using cinnamon? She started to have cinnamon, every morning, a couple of years ago. I asked when the allergy started. Guess what? The allergy started a couple of months after that. I did some research on cinnamon and found out that the use of cinnamon can indeed commonly produce “cutaneous side effects of irritant or allergic contact dermatitis”. This would describe what she had in medical terms. What do you think I told her? Have the sugar, get rid of the cinnamon! How amazing is that? The solution in this case was so simple, it only took a few minutes, over the phone.

I cannot tell you that every case is that simple, although I certainly wish it were, but I can promise you that I will most definitely do my best for you. There are some that would say that homeopathic treatment might work only to make people feel better because the practitioner spends so long with the patient and that it is the quality of time that makes the difference and not the medicines. This is just a sample of true homeopathic treatment. Asking the right questions, doing a little detective work, caring enough to put together a jigsaw puzzle, only took up about 15 minutes of my time. How many practitioners would do that?

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