Health Canada pulls distribution of Novartis flu vaccines

Health Canada pulls distribution of Novartis flu vaccines

Sunday, 28 October, 2012

There were “tiny clumps of virus particles” found in some batches of the Novartis flu vaccine and apparently an expert in infectious disease says that if you have received the vaccine, not to worry. The vaccine might not work as well. Ok, so you might get the flu anyway, but for sure you have some virus kicking around inside you. If you have ever been diagnosed with a virus causing sickness you know that it is a long recovery. I try not to be too controversial, but I am sooooo happy that no one in my family has ever had a flu shot.

I woke up sick last Thursday morning and immediately took a homeopathic flu buster. I wasn’t sure if I had a cold, or the flu. Friday morning I was back to normal. One day – because I have been a homeopathic patient for many years and it is the first choice medicine for me. After all these years when I get the flu, or a cold, I get over it in a day or two typically. My immune system is not the best. I am not a perfect specimen of health but homeopathy is like magic in how it helps overcome viral and bacterial sicknesses in a very short time. Homeopathic remedies are so much safer: no preservatives, no toxins, no side effects, curative and gentle in action. Last word: homeopathic remedies cost a lot less than flu vaccines. Homeopathy is being used in India, and Cuba, by the GOVERNMENTS, for prevention of diseases. Why? Poor countries that look at what is the most medically effective, cost effective, safe, and ease of handling – the biggest bang for their buck.

Wake up, world!

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