2014 homeopathic patient survey

The American Medical College of Homeopathy has released the results of  its 2014 homeopathic patient survey, which includes Canadians. Canadians total about 10 per cent of the 1054 total respondents.

Some highlights:

•85% of the respondents were women.

•45% use homeopathy with their pets as well as themselves.

•Overall treatment success: 79% (about the same as 2007); average time in treatment before success: 2.8 months.

•Average cost per year: $501 ($431 for consultation fees, $70 for medicines).

•Profession most highly represented among respondents: health care provider, 22.5% (which is interesting).

•Way respondents most often learned about homeopathy (32%) and found their homeopath (33%): through friends or family. Change in respondents first learning about homeopathy through the Internet from 2007: up 35%.

•Frequency of visits compared to seven years ago: up 32%.

•Canadian differences: respondents were younger, had less success with homeopathy than Americans (!!??)

•Most frequent reasons for seeking treatment: general health (20.6%), psychiatric (16.2%), musculoskeletal complaints, (8.1%) and infectious diseases (7.7%).

•Patients who had no experience with alternative medicine before seeing a homeopath: 50%

•Respondents visiting less expensive homeopaths had better results.

•Patients who are married had better results.

•Most often used remedy: Natrum muriaticum (followed closely by Sepia, Arnica, Lycopodium and Phosphorus).

•Most often used potency: 200C

•What respondents like about homeopathy the most: it works (26.7%).


Here is the link to the full summary: http://www.amcofh.org/sites/default/files/2014%20Homeopathic%20Patient%20Survey%20Results%20-%20Summary.pdf